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2016 Tariff Increases

ADORE has registered its objection to the recent tariff increases for 4×4 entry into Atlantis Dunes.

We have raised this issue with The City of Cape Town Bulk water with no results. We have now escalated this to The City of Cape Town Ombudsman and will table a question at the next PAAC committing meeting in August next month. Click on the links below for the correspondence in this matter.

ADORE will give feedback on tariff increases as we are able.

Initial letter to The City of Cape Town

Bulk Water Response

Letter to The City of Cape Town Ombudsman.

Appeal For Help for Mandela Day 2016

Please find appeal for Mandela Day 2016

ADORE Mandela Day appeal 2016

ADORE / City of Cape Town Mandela Day                            

Appeal for Drivers

The ADORE / City of Cape Town Mandela Day event is not just a chance for the 4×4 off road community to engage in an established Mandela day event, it is a chance to donate your time and resources whilst driving in Atlantis Dunes. Your help and participation allows you to donate your 67 minutes for Mandela you give a gift to the children of a local school.

More over you show the local community that Atlantis Dunes is a resource they can also enjoy which helps ADORE and therefore 4×4 off road community continue to build its relationship with the City of Cape Town and the local community. This is vital in keeping this area open for us to enjoy.

It is a sad reflection on the 4×4 off road community when we (ADORE) find it easier to get sponsors to see the power of this event and help. Whilst the people who ultimately benefit from the good work, positive feedback and the relationship building. All of which helps us keep the Dunes open feel it is not their responsibility.

We need your help to make this Mandela Day event a success happen, please volunteer.

David Ayres

ADORE (Chairman)

ADORE: Volunteers needed – Mandela Day 2016 – Atlantis Dunes


Dear Fellow 4×4 Drivers

The Atlantis Dunes Off-Road Executive (ADORE) wish to invite you to participate in the above initiative. To volunteer for Mandela Day via e-mail Sign up here

We are planning our annual social responsibility program for the greater 4×4 Clubs with in conjunction with the City of Cape Town’s Biodiversity Management Branch of the Greater Atlantis / North Region.

Our objective is to focus our charitable intentions on the Nature Reserve, the greater Atlantis area & its local community.

The Name of the School: Eco Club from a local school – TBC
Number of Learners: 30 learners
Grades & Ages: Various

More info about Mandela Day?

The Event

Date: Friday 22nd July 2016
Time: 08:30
Venue: Atlantis Dunes – Gate 1

Partnered by the Biodiversity Department, drivers from our local community can assist by entertaining 30 kids from the local community by driving them around Atlantis Dunes in convoys. These 30 youngsters are from a local schools Eco Club.

Format & Activities:

• Once the kids arrive by bus, they will be presented with a welcome pack, consisting of healthy snacks & drinks.
• Biodiversity will then conduct an Environmental Educational presentation to all the kids.
• After a safety brief has been conducted, the kids will be allocated as passengers to vehicles.
• They will be driven in convoys to enjoy what Atlantis has to offer.
• Sand boarding will also be included as an activity.

How can you participate?

We ideally need around 25-30 vehicles to assist.
Drivers who wish to assist should send a PM to Adore before the end of July, indicating their names, email add, vehicle make, registration number (for permit waiver) & seats available.

Free permits will be arranged.

Please bring own refreshments.

See attachment for last years event

Important request: Whilst we are grateful for any assistance offered, please note that the focus of this event is on entertaining the children & not driver training. We often spend a disproportionate amount of time doing newbie recoveries. As safety is paramount, volunteers should have a reasonable amount of experience of driving at Atlantis.

Thank you.