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4×4 Atlantis Dunes, ADORE PAAC meeting 04.08.2017

ADORE on behalf of all 4×4 users attends the quarterly PAAC meetings click on the link below to either read or download the minutes of the meeting held on the 04.08.2017.

Minutes of the PAAC meeting held on the 03.08.2017

Click on the link to read or download the agenda for the next meeting to be held in November 2017

Agenda for the next meeting to be held in November 2017

If you have any comments or issues around the use of the dunes please contact us via e-mail.

Please remember to keep the dunes open to adhere to the rules.

ADORE, City of Cape Town Mandela Day 2017



ADORE, City of Cape Town Mandela Day 2017

This year’s event was again a stunning success and for once the weather delivered an unusual sunny day. We were very lucky to have councilor Barbara Rass on hand to help with proceedings.

We thank the sponsors of the event:


Total Parklands

Nando’s Parklands


EMS Maitland

CoCT (Bulk Water & ERMD)

The World Famous Atlantis Dunes Friday Avie Club

Mamba Sandboarding


To the generous drivers who gave their time, the use of their vehicles and really showed the learners a great time, this event could not take place without each and every one of you. We thank you.


We have prepared a short video of the day please click on the link below.


To view the thank you letter from CoCT click on the link below.

Thank you letter from CoCT


Atlantis Dunes, 2017 – 2018 Tariff Increases

The City of Cape Town has proposed a 6.5% Tariff increase for the coming year 2017/18 for 4×4 entry into Atlantis Dunes. Follow this link to read the City of Cape Towns budget process and the process to oppose this budget. Please note we have until the 21st of April 2017 to lodge our objections.

ADORE has taken the position to oppose this tariff increase and all tariff increases (Read ADORE’s letter to The City of Cape Town) Over recent years 4×4 tariffs have increased at double the rate for that of walk in users.  ADORE wants to see a period of zero increases until we reach parity with hikers and walk in users.

We would ask 4×4 users to take the time to oppose this increases and support ADORE’s stance. Download this letter and fill it in on your personal capacity or on behalf of your club or group. Register you opposition to these increases by sending objection letter to The City Manager (

2016 Tariff Increases

ADORE has registered its objection to the recent tariff increases for 4×4 entry into Atlantis Dunes.

We have raised this issue with The City of Cape Town Bulk water with no results. We have now escalated this to The City of Cape Town Ombudsman and will table a question at the next PAAC committing meeting in August next month. Click on the links below for the correspondence in this matter.

ADORE will give feedback on tariff increases as we are able.

Initial letter to The City of Cape Town

Bulk Water Response

Letter to The City of Cape Town Ombudsman.

Appeal For Help for Mandela Day 2016

Please find appeal for Mandela Day 2016

ADORE Mandela Day appeal 2016

ADORE / City of Cape Town Mandela Day                            

Appeal for Drivers

The ADORE / City of Cape Town Mandela Day event is not just a chance for the 4×4 off road community to engage in an established Mandela day event, it is a chance to donate your time and resources whilst driving in Atlantis Dunes. Your help and participation allows you to donate your 67 minutes for Mandela you give a gift to the children of a local school.

More over you show the local community that Atlantis Dunes is a resource they can also enjoy which helps ADORE and therefore 4×4 off road community continue to build its relationship with the City of Cape Town and the local community. This is vital in keeping this area open for us to enjoy.

It is a sad reflection on the 4×4 off road community when we (ADORE) find it easier to get sponsors to see the power of this event and help. Whilst the people who ultimately benefit from the good work, positive feedback and the relationship building. All of which helps us keep the Dunes open feel it is not their responsibility.

We need your help to make this Mandela Day event a success happen, please volunteer.

David Ayres

ADORE (Chairman)