Atlantis Dunes is a premier destination for off road 4×4 driving. ADORE (Atlantis Dunes Off Road Executive) was formed in 2011. Its mandate was to ensure sustainable off road recreational driving in the area know as Atlantis Dunes. In 2011 the land owner, The City of Cape Town started the process to proclaim Atlantis Dunes as a ‘protected area’ to be known as The Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve.  (learn more about Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve) 

ADORE engaged with The City of Cape Town with very positive and ground breaking results. We have agreed that the activity of off road recreational driving would be included in the integrated draft management plan for Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve.

Atlantis Dunes

In addition to this references to the historical use of the area enjoyed by 4×4 users were to be included.  (Read the Integrated Draft Management Plan).  ADORE is now part of the Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve PAAC where we represent the off road community user group.

Our website is designed to give off road users of the Witzand Aquifer Nature Reserve feedback from ADORE, The Witzand Aquifer Management  and the PAAC committee

Communication and Feedback from ADORE

Atlantis Dunes 4x4

You can contact ADORE should you have any feedback regarding the area, specifically the activity of off road driving  then Contact ADORE  via e-mail. To be added to our newsletter mailing list then fill in your details below on the footer section of this page.

ADORE will post updates regarding  Witzands Aquifer Reserve on our ‘Events & Feedback Page’ which can be accessed from the main menu at the top of this page or via the links that can be found on the right hand sidebar

Please remember that the continued use of this area is a privilege and all users need to abide by the rules. When you use the area you are entering a protected area.

We thank all Atlantis Dunes users for their continued support.